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Lots of flags of different colours against a bright blue sky

the theme of the inaugural international partners day 2020 is 'time to respond to a changing environment'.

a seminar by Joyce Jiang

红包扫雷app正规平台广告推广film screening and presentation by dr joyce jiang (york).

Exterior of Leeds University Business School Innovation Centre

红包扫雷app正规平台广告推广you are invited to a seminar by anthony lepinteur from university of luxembourg on ‘the asymmetric effect of gains and losses in job security on health’

meet staff from leeds university business school in torino.

Photograph of women analysing charts

to celebrate international women's day, join our panel of inspiring women who will share their experiences and discuss gender issues from an intercultural perspective.

Gamification Webinar

红包扫雷app正规平台广告推广this free online webinar is open to university of leeds alumni, students and staff members.

  • One day event
  • Reoccuring events